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our Handmade Clay Roof are Tiles developed using traditional techniques to guarantee distinction and character in every single tile.

Willow Tiles offer you an unparalleled selection of very unique, high-quality clay, which are also known as ceramic or terra cotta, handmade roofing tiles.

All of the tiles from us are made from all-natural clay by the finest tile makers, using centuries-old craftsmanship.

Our range of handmade clay roof tiles are created using time-honoured methods which have been practiced for centuries.

Our tiles are manufactured using locally sourced fine river clay. The clay is shaped in our hand-operated moulds before being fired in traditional kilns.

Our roof tiles are genuinely handmade, which means they will vary slightly in look and finish from one batch to the next. each batch of tiles is unique.

For optimum effect, regardless of the colour(s) you choose, we recommend that roof tiles from all pallets bought are mixed together when fixing.

Olde English Collection

The Renovation Collection

Our hand-made tiles are always competitively priced and, combined with the expertise and experience of craftsmen and women, these products protect the fabric and structure of a rich and varied architecture throughout this country and abroad.

Willow hand-made tiles are used on many different buildings from cottages to listed buildings, barn conversions to new self-build homes. In fact on projects where a traditional unique roof is required.

All our tiles are made from natural clay by the finest tile makers, using centuries-old methods. Our factories long-standing knowledge and experience allow us to present homeowners, architects, designers and roofers with the most authentic selection of handmade clay roofing tiles available in the UK today.

Many unique qualities meet to create an attractive roof. Mixing our colours creates the appearance of an aged weathered roof, with all the variations in colour.

Willow Tiles are recommended in sensitive areas where planners and specifiers require truly traditional hand-made tiles. Our tiles perfectly replicate reclaimed tiles but have the advantage of being new and unused with many years’ service ahead of them.


Our firing techniques ensure our material meets and is tested to comply with the following European standards;

  • BSEN539-2:2013 Resistance to Frost

  • BSEN539-1:2005 Method 2

  • BSEN1304:2005 Impermeability to Water

  • BSEN1304:2013 Strength Test

  • BSEN1024:2012 5.1,5.2, 5.3, Geometric Characteristics Standard